puppy-kittenDialysis is a labor intensive, very sophisticated procedure. The most significant costs are the placement of the dialysis catheter and the 24/7 continual, hands-on nursing care.

You can expect that the initial 24-48 hours of 24/7 dialysis will cost between $5,000. and $7,000. This includes catheter placement, hospitalization, materials used, and nursing care.

The follow-up outpatient dialysis will cost approximately $800 per session. You can expect 5 to 10 of these sessions.

Because of the labor costs involved, we require a 80% deposit with the balance due at dismissal.

Benefits and Effectiveness of Dialysis

Some types of kidney disease have a better chance of recovery than others. Damage caused by infections and poor blood flow to the kidney can be successfully treated 50-75% of the time. If your dog or cat has kidney failure from ingesting a poison, the success rate is only 20% with dialysis.

Pets with chronic kidney failure on life-long dialysis may live a year longer than they would have without dialysis.

The Only Veterinary Dialysis Center in Northern New England

Pet Dialysis is based in the greater Concord, New Hampshire area and is the only dialysis treatment center in northern New England. We serve patients in Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts and beyond.