Kidney dialysis can save your pet's life

When might your pet need dialysis? Most dogs and cats who need dialysis have what is called acute, or recent onset, injury to their kidneys. These kidney injuries are often partially or fully reversible if treated quickly and properly.

Kidney injury in dogs and cats

Most canine dialysis patients have damaged kidneys from toxins or infections such as:

  • Antifreeze poisoning (dogs and cats)
  • Ibuprofen (dogs)
  • Grape/raisin toxicity (dogs)
  • Some prescription drugs such as blood pressure medication, aspirin and anti-inflammatory medications, anesthetics, anti-parasite drugs, antibiotics (dogs and cats)
  • A bacterial infection called leptospirosis (dogs)
  • Lilies, especially Easter lilies (potent kidney toxins for cats)
  • Blockage of the tubes connecting the kidneys to the bladder (cats)

Dialysis gives your dog or cat extra time for the kidneys to recover

Dialysis does not treat or repair the kidneys themselves. Instead, it re-establishes and maintains metabolic balance which gives damaged kidneys the opportunity to repair themselves and to recover function. Without the extra time dialysis provides, most dogs or cats with severe acute renal failure will die before their kidneys can recover enough function to sustain life.

The sooner dialysis is started after the initial kidney injury, the better

If you are considering dialysis for your pet, don't wait until conventional therapy has completely failed and your pet is on death's door. Let your veterinarian know immediately that this is an option you are interested in so that your veterinarian make arrangements with our dialysis center.

Dialysis for chronic kidney failure

Dialysis treatments two or three times weekly can also maintain pets with chronic kidney failure when medical management alone can no longer provide a good quality of life. Some of these pets, especially cats, may be candidates for kidney transplant, and dialysis is often needed before and/or after transplantation for stabilization and support.


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